The Fastest Way To Lose Weight Without Exercise. 5 Easy Steps.

How on earth can you lose weight fast without exercise? I am here to explain how you can do that. This is a great way for a beginner to learn how to lose weight the right way, but also fast just by all the changes you are going to make. I’m so not an expert […]

Healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle- on a budget

I’m here to talk to you about healthy eating habits and how you can create a healthy lifestyle on a budget. I hope you can learn something from it and use some of this information to better yourself and to create your own healthy habits like I did. It takes 21 days to create habit […]

Fitness fanatic- How to get motivated to become a better you.

Hello im here to talk about getting started with your fitness journey and to tell you how you can get obsessed and become a fitness fanatic! Getting started is challenging. The first thing is your nutrition, that is the number one thing that has to be on point. If you treat your body with respect […]

All About Autumn

Hello everyone and welcome to Fitness Fanatic! here is a little about me and how I got started with fitness. I have always wanted to be fit, I just never had the tools to get there and I just didn’t know what I was doing. I was a sad chubby girl and was fed up […]